Custom Bathroom Mirrors: Boca Raton, Coconut Creek, Coral Springs, Margate, Pompano, Florida

    continental-sand-12It is essential to have a mirror in your home bathroom. Having a mirror in your bathroom is not a luxury, it’s a necessity. All Glass & Mirror, LLC can help you chose the best mirror for your bathroom. Your specific unique design can be accomplished through custom cut sizes, shapes, thicknesses, and types of mirrors. We offer chrome, brushed nickel, brass, and oil rubbed bronze finishes. The size of your mirror can be very influential to the space in which it is installed. Large mirrors are obviously appropriate in large bathrooms, but can also be installed in smaller bathrooms to open up your bathroom and make it look and feel larger and lighter. The large mirror will also give the whole bathroom an airy feel. Custom bathroom mirrors are typically installed directly on the wall, which must be well supported because mirror glass tends to be heavy and fragile.

    Bathroom mirrors can incorporate stylistic elements to enhance your bathroom, but most often these mirrors serve a functional role. Be sure style doesn’t eclipse function. Some of our bathroom mirrors are designed specifically to assist with grooming and make-up. These incorporate features such as lighting, pivot arms, and magnification. Lighted mirrors have either fluorescent or incandescent illumination. Fluorescent lighting is much brighter and cooler to the touch, but it casts a slightly greenish tint that does not reflect true color. Mirrors with fluorescent lighting are also heavier due to the transformer. Incandescent lighting is warmer to the touch, lighter in weight, and offers a true color cast. We recommend incandescent lighting for make-up application, so you can be confident in the mirror’s reflection.

    A well-lit setting may not require a lighted bathroom mirror for primping, grooming, and make-up application. However, a little extra light could be just what you need to discern the finer details. Some of our bathroom mirrors and medicine cabinets feature frameless designs. These unobtrusive accents offer simple beauty that blends with your decor and add room-enhancing light and depth. Medicine cabinet mirrors have long been a popular choice, especially for smaller bathrooms. These combine the practical, decorative aspects of mirrors with valuable storage space.