Custom Frameless Glass Shower Doors

    Frameless-Shower-Door-PgWhen planning a frameless shower enclosure, it is great to have your measurements ready before you call All Glass & Mirror, this way you can get the quickest estimate possible over the phone. There are a few things you will need make sure of first. All of our enclosures have a manufacturing tolerance to the 1/16th of an inch, so each panel of glass with fit to the space precisely.

    1. Please make sure that the frameless shower is the last part of your shower renovation. All tile and marble work must be done prior to installation, in order to have the shower enclosure fit a closely as possible.
    2. Now it’s time to measure. Decide the height you would like your frameless shower enclosure. The most common height is 72 inches, but we can provide you with any custom measurements you would like. You a tape measure starting at the bottom curb and measure up to the nearest 1/16th of an inch as you can. Next, measure the width you would like your frameless shower to be. You can decide on which panels you would like stationary and which panel you would like to swing on custom shower hinges.
    3. Use the layout guide to select the appropriate measurement sheet to record your measurements. As you fill out the measurement sheet pay attention to the minimums and maximums on the sheet. These limits come from engineering limits of the hardware, and fabrication limits for safety tempered glass. The measurements at the top of the unit are just as important as the measurements at the bottom. It is a good practice to use a wide measuring tape or to have some help with the top measurements. Make sure the wall surfaces are straight, and check for fall-in or fallout. Watch out for a kick-in on the bottom tile on each wall. Check to make sure the curb is level from one side to the other and has a slight slope (1-11/2 degrees) into the shower.
    4. Once you have found your measurements, check out the hardware section of our site, to get an idea of what type of hardware you would like your frameless shower enclosure to display.

    About Frameless Units

    One of the best impressions you can make on your guests is having a breathtaking frameless shower enclosure. Glass shower enclosures allow you to see the tile or marble design behind it as well as create the illusion of a much larger space. It is quite popular to walk into an older home and find a renovated and remodeled frameless shower. The glass can be clear or custom colored 1/2” or 3/8” thick and/or be textured as well. 

    When we use the word frameless, we are referring to a unit that has no frame around the door unit. A frameless unit can have a header for a safe and strong design but the door will have no frame. Also if we refer to a frameless bypass, this would be a unit with a header to house the roller mechanism and a sill to guide the glass. There would be no frame around the glass slider doors. If the slider doors have a frame around them, this unit would be considered a “framed bypass”

    We most commonly have customers order clear glass frameless enclosures with wall mount hinges and an adjacent panel, but a return panel can be added to make “L” shaped design.

    Another style frameless shower enclosure is known as a “NEO” angle unit, which provide for a beautiful corner unit.

    Framed and Frameless Bypasses

    The bypass is a traditional unit with 2 sliding doors that can “pass by” each other.

    Most designs will have a towel bar on each slider, one facing out and the other facing in.

    The bypass is an economical unit with ease of entry. The bypass also allows a great amount of flexibility for bathrooms with a toilet or other obstruction making a fixed door and panel problematic.

    The bypasses are divided into 4 categories.

    1. Framed Bypass; each slider door has a frame around it
    2. Frameless Bypass; each slider door has no frame around it
    3. Shower Stall Bypass; either framed of frameless but typically 71 inches and taller
    4. Tub Deck Bypass; either framed or frameless but typically 64 inches tall

    Any of these styles will have a header and a sill with door jambs making up the structure. The slider doors, either framed or frameless will have rollers at the top that sit in the header and allow them to slide. We have very nice low priced units that are superior to the big box store offerings. We always recommend 3/8 or 8 millimeter glass for the frameless units as the ¼ inch glass is wobbly at the taller heights. There are many color options available but the most common are:

    Why Frameless Shower Doors…

    Looking for a way to revamp your boring shower doors? Frameless shower enclosures from All Glass & Mirror will bring ultimate luxury to any bathroom.

    The average person spends several hours a day in their bathroom, between showering, bathing, brushing, shaving, getting ready and just a quick check in the mirror. That is why every bathroom needs its statement piece…a frameless shower enclosure. Frameless shower doors can make any bathroom seem larger and luxurious.

    In the past, shower doors required metal frames around the edges to hold the glass in place.With such framed shower doors, metal surrounded the entire glass door, leaving no exposed edges. Because these doors were constructed of thin, relatively inexpensive glass ranging from 1/8″ to 3/16″ thickness, they required a metal frame to maintain their structural integrity. Durability was limited, however, and water and soap scum could easily gather in the metal crevices, leading to mildew and corrosion.

    In today’s more modern-world, frameless glass shower enclosures remove the need for metal framing all together. The glass shower doors are made from tempered glass ranging from 3/8” to 1/2” thick, providing a structurally sturdy shower enclosure without metal framing. Frameless shower enclosures reduce the amount of metal seen and increase the amount of visible glass, creating a more open and welcoming appearance. Glass showers can open up and add light to any small or large space.

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